Monday, May 27, 2013

One Of The Most Amazing, Beautiful, Toxic, Creepy & Abandoned Places On Earth: The Salton Sea

Many times, we take things for granted in our lives, or we do not appreciate the beauty surrounding us, because we see it all the time. We get used to it; assume everyone knows of it. 
Example #1: I was telling Mr. Joe (Mr. Joe is my significant other) about the Salton Sea, which he knew nothing of. This seemed baffling to me, since not only do I know about it, but for 10 years I had a job as an inspector of vacant houses located all over Southern California, from Bakersfield to Blythe, and on my monthly trips to the low desert, I would plan my days with extra time to explore this amazing, beautiful, intriguing, yet eerie, abandoned, toxic, and creepy place. I love it. 
I have been there dozens and dozens of times. Never would I see any people....just evidence of them. If you ever are in the low desert of the 111 in the Imperial Valley....check it out. It's def a bucket list entry. 

This video is the best little 6 minute overview of it - it covers from how it was created, the past history all the way to the present state it's in today. 


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