Saturday, May 11, 2013

FREEBIE - 8x10 Print - Instant Download - Marilyn Monroe Quote

For all the awesome moms, grandma's, wanna be moms, soon to be moms, independent ladies, and everyone else who applies, in honor of Mother's Day, I am giving away an 8x10 print designed by me featuring one of my favorite quotes of all time by Marilyn Monroe - 'Well Behaved Women Rarely Make History'. 

You are minutes away from a brand new, eye appealing piece of art that you can hang on the wall, frame for a desk, use online, whatever makes your hair blow back Just follow these easy steps:

1. Download the file here: 

2. Print from your home computer, OR send to your local printing store, such as Walmart. Remember it is 8x10 size.  At Walmart to have it printed it is $3.96:
3. Put in a frame and wala! Done!



1 comment:

srpprcrftr said...

This quote is great, will make nice new art for my spring gallery wall.Thanks for sharing.

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