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The question I get ALL OF THE TIME is, 'How do you work from home? Do you really make money?  The answer is accessible to anyone, anywhere. It's called Google, and she has taught me everything I know. There is no secret. And in today's world with technology, every person with an internet connection has the potential to teach themselves anything they want - for free.

But, many are too lazy, and they just want the magic answer handed to them. It is sad to think of how many people believe that the only way to financial success is to become famous or win the lottery. There are other ways. Even if you come from nothing. You have no money. You don't know any successful people. You hate people. You didn't go to college. You didn't finish high school. It doesn't matter - and the key is .....working your ass off.

Do you think successful people ended up that way by sitting in front of an episode of The View, eating fruit loops? No, they had a plan. A goal. A vision. And they chipped away at it, day by day. Chipping away daily is exactly how I got to where I am today, working from home, in my pj's, enjoying the view of the Las Vegas strip from my patio. Now, I am by no means rich - and am not claiming to be. But I am exactly where I want to be, and I am ecstatic about the way my life has turned out. I am successful to my standards. (Read my about page if you want to know more about my past.) I stay at home with my two babies, and make enough money to be content; however one day, I would like to be very happily and comfortably content.

Anyway, in the last 6+ years that it has been to get me to this point, I have spend hours and hours and days and dog lifetimes researching, learning, practicing, and collecting information that will be useful from time to time. Google is my favorite teacher. Aside from Oprah and a few close people in my life, she has taught me a lot of shit. So, what to do with all of this information? Share it of course!

There is a shitload of information out there. And I mean a SHITLOAD. Blogs. Articles. Ebooks. Websites. Forums. And lots - most likely hundreds of thousands of people on the internet making money by telling you how to make money. And for every 1 legitimate work at home opportunity, there are 50 scams. Well, you are lucky to be here, and this must be fate, because I am in the know. I know where to find work from home jobs, how to start a website, how to start a blog, how to build websites, and how to advertise your site (if you have one) ALL FOR FREE.

This page is all of the great, amazing, legit and useful resources that I know of, as well as I will post new articles from time to time when I come across new and helpful information. I hope this page is helpful. It is a goldmine of resources, if you take the time to learn something new, and create the life that you want to live, baby steps at a time.

Legitimate Ideas & Ways to Make Money From Home

First, brainstorm. What makes you happy? What do you want to do?  Like, for me, I love creating websites and graphic design. So it doesn’t even seem like work to me, because it is fun. 

1.      Start your own business
A.      Can you make anything?
B.      Bake or cook?
C.      Think of any type of service or product you could sell online. Check out etsy, Artfire or zazzle for ideas.

2.      Check out Task Rabbit
A.      Go to . Check out all of the odd jobs they have available, and if they are in your area. There are other companies on the internet that do the same thing. Google them.

Find a job on

Any kind of computer job that you can do from home can be found here. Have no skills? Get paid to post links! See link posting job openings here:

3.      Get Paid to Drive
Here is a small list of companies that wrap your car with an advertisement and then pay you to drive. Not to bad of an arrangement, if you ask me. 

A.      AdSmart
company works in the United States.
They wrap a brand new Nissan Xterra or a Volkswagen Beetle in a aestheticly pleasing advertisement and then give you the
car to drive for free.
They will also wrap your current vehicle and pay you $350 a month! You don't have to alter your driving habits in any way. All you have to do is drive and get paid.
B.      FreeCar
This company works in the United States.
If you are chosen, you will receive a new car, wrapped in an attractive advertisement, to use for two years or you will be given the option to wrap the vehicle that you currently own and get paid up to $400 a month.
C.      Ads2go
This company works in the United States.
Pay about $50 per month for a car that's "fully loaded", that is, with about 1000 square inches of advertising on it.
This company works in the United States.
They wraps your car.
Once you have been selected you will then be told who the advertiser is, the product or service and compensation (for an ad placed on your vehicle), the type of wrap, and duration of the campaign. At that point you have the full right of refusal. If you elect to decline the offer the next selected applicant will be notified.
This company works in the United States.
They will pay you $200-$400 a month to wrap your car, truck, or
suv with non-damaging vinyl adhesive graphics.
They also offer partial wraps paying $100-$200 these range from window coverings to logo's and other lettering.
F.       Driving Promotions
This company works in the United States.
They pay you up to $300 per month for a full wrap.

4.      Data Entry Jobs         
A.      Mulberry Studio
Full-time and part-time transcription and proofreading positions are available either on-site, at their Harvard Square office, or on a freelance contractual basis from your home. Qualifications: typing speed of 75 wpm, excellent grammar and language skills, experience in transcription and word processing, and a minimum of 2 years experience. NO FEES TO JOIN
Palm Coast Data
Transcribe voice mails and personal notes into simple text format and "deliver" them via email NO FEES TO JOIN
Quick Tate
Become a Quick Take typist and transcribe voicemail messages into simple text and "deliver" them via email. NO FEES TO JOIN
A long-standing company, offers many legitimate - NO FEE - home based opportunities in data entry.
Although geared towards writing jobs, they do have a section specifically for Data Entry Specialists. NO FEES TO JOIN

5.      Really Good Resources For Other Ideas

 Have a Website? Check out these gems of information:

50 sites that every business needs to be on:

Advertising with a budget to spend

That's all for now folks! I promise to add to this list as much as I can!

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