Thursday, October 18, 2012

FREEBIE OF THE WEEK: 7oz Hershey Candy Bar Wrapper Template

Hershey's 7oz Candy Bar
I was asked to create a custom candy bar wrapper for 6.8oz Hershey's with Almonds and 7.0oz Hershey's Milk chocolate giant candy bars. I thought, I will just find a template online, and create my design, right? WRONG!! This big ol' internet, and I couldn't find a template (or a printing company that prints them) ANYWHERE. Oh ya - I did find one company that prints them - for $3 per wrapper. That is highway robbery if you ask me.

So, what is a designer to do? Create their own, of course. I went to Wal Mart and picked up one of each bar. I measured the wrappers. Then I laid it out flat, and measured the distance between each section. Wala! A template was finally born.

I know there has to be other people out there with this same dilemma. I am going to be offering printing of the 7oz candy bar wrappers soon at an affordable price, and also, you can download the 7.0oz Hershey's giant candy bar wrapper template below! It is set up at the exact size, with guides to help you design your candy wrapper perfectly. 

The zip file includes a template in png, jpeg and eps file for your convenience. 

Download the 7.0 oz Hershey's Candy Bar Wrapper Template Here:

Download 7oz Hershys Candy Bar Wrapper Template

I hope someone out there finds this post useful! If so please leave me a comment! Thanks a bunch for visiting!


Rachelle Anderson said...

such a cute idea for baby showers and birthday parties!

storm said...

I have the SAME EXACT problem as yoo. word for word! youre awesome!

Anonymous said...

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

5 years later and this is the only template I've found for the 7oz size bar!
Thank you!! :)

Kathy Boeggeman said...

OMG!! You do not know how much this has saved me!!! I love you!!!! thank you thank you thank you!

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