Diva Ideas

I have lots of ideas coming soon for decorating, party planning, organizing and more! In the meantime, see below for my list of must haves for every domestic diva!


This Healthmaster system makes it easy to juice, blend, chop, and mix just about everything! Start living healthy and feeling good!

Shark Vac then Steam

Cleans hardwood floors, tile, vinyl, etc effortlessly. Vacuum then steam your floors spotlessly clean - no wet floors and no chemicals. This product gets 5 stars! 


Have your entire library on one device. Download books in seconds. Preview samples of every book before you buy. I love, love love my Kindle!

Towel Warmer

Nothing feels nicer than  a warm towel after a nice shower. A simple way to feel pampered every day!

Mr. Clean Magic Eraser

The magic eraser is just that - MAGIC! I love it - and can't clean without one! They are seriously amazing.

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