Monday, January 10, 2011

A Stranger, A Celebrity, and $50,000

This story is too great not to share. Especially since it happened in my inner circle.

My little sister Amanda has this current boyfriend that she met at college. He is from Italy…..Evidently his family is extremely wealthy from the success of hotels over there in their country, and they sent him here to the USA to go to college, get a degree, and then he will return to Italy to take over the hotels.

Anyway, a friend of this boyfriend ( I will refer to him as ‘the boyfriend’) came to visit for a few days from Italy. After his stay, ‘the boyfriend’ dropped his friend off back at the hotel that he was staying at. While ‘the boyfriend’ was getting his friend’s luggage out of the back of his Mercedes, a lady walked up and asked if he would give her a ride to the airport. ‘The boyfriend’ being a nice guy, said “sure!” ( Little did he know, this woman had mistaken him for a cab driver.)

‘The boyfriend’ and this lady had a great time, talking and laughing all the way to the airport.

He dropped her off, and went home for the night. The next morning when he got into his car to go to school, he noticed a purse in the back seat. He thought of the lady that he took to the airport the day before……He didn’t even know what her name was! Hopefully there would be ID or a phone number inside the purse so he could get it back to her.

Yes, there was ID, a phone number, and…….$50,000 in CASH.

My first thought was WTF? If I was carrying around $50K, it would be attached to me like a body part.

So……The boyfriend gets in touch with the lady, who had been calling every cab company in town…..”No,” he informed her, “I am not a cab driver!”

What are the odds of leaving behind $50,000 with a complete stranger, and they return every dime? It shows how wonderful and good and honest people are.

Oh yea, the woman - it turns out - is the famous comedian Ruth Buzzi, known for her great talent and humor from shows like Laugh In.

Honestly - If this was you - ‘the boyfriend’, in the same situation - what would you do? 

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